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Seeking Help

A crisis is someone’s personal reaction to an event or experience in their life that distresses them beyond their personal ability to cope with it. A crisis may mean different things to different people. It can be something sudden and traumatic or maybe something that has been weighing on a person for a long time. When a crisis turns dangerous for you or someone else, it is time to get some help. 


If you have developed a plan to kill yourself or harm someone else that is an immediate mental health emergency. Please utilize the resources below, or call 911 (or the relevant emergency phone number in your country) and notify the police or emergency medical services.


If you are not sure, ask yourself if you have already thought about what method you would use. If you have thought about where, how or when you would take your life or harm someone else that means you have begun developing a plan.


If you are still unsure, ask a friend or family member to stay with you while you may be at risk and utilize the resources listed to get help. If you are in treatment, get in touch with your medical or mental health providers. 


We require that our members agree to utilize appropriate mental health and medical emergency services when they are in crisis. If you tell us you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else, your Coach will ask you to take advantage of the appropriate tools to keep you and those around you safe. In some cases, coaches may be required to call for help to check on your safety or that of others. We do our best to assist our members to avoid a crisis by collaborating in making a safety plan, orienting members to strengths, personal resources, highlighting past successes, and encouraging healthy behaviors to promote resilience. Therefore, it is always with the best interest and safety of our members in mind when we ask one to take advantage of appropriate crisis services.

Resources in the U.S.


Sexual Assault

  • 1-574-254-7473


Alcohol / Drugs


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Other Resources

Domestic Abuse

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