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Flexible support for dynamic workforces

A coaching solution available any time, any day 

Sibly is coaching for your employees on their schedule to understand each unique challenge, highlight strengths and achieve goals.


24/7/365 Availability
Coaches are one tap away with our digital platform and have less than a 2 minute response time.


No Appointments
Anytime, anywhere. We mean it. Every employee deserves the full benefit of coaching support and Sibly is committed to being there for them to talk to.


Unlimited Access
Every journey is unique. Whether it is only one conversation or high engagement throughout the day, our coaches are online and available, however much a member determines they need us.

Informed Care Navigation

Problem Statement

Traditional care navigation models rely on members to know what they are looking for, often while they are in stressful situations.

Solution Statement

Through Sibly’s extremely personalized coaching model, our coaches are able to get to the root of what client members need support with and make benefit recommendations that actually support the challenges they are facing.


of members follow through on referrals to resources and benefits sent by Siby.


Sibly is someone to talk to when

you want preventive mental health support for your workforce

Hear what’s not being said

Sibly conversations are analyzed, categorized and reported on using Sibly’s proprietary insights solution design, enabling employers to get to the root of their workforce’s needs.

Sibly Sentiment Data Bubble Chart.png

Results you’ll notice

24/7 coaching support decreases absenteeism, increases productivity, and decreases therapy costs


Leading Engagement Numbers
Instant access to a broad solution for mental health. Our 24/7, no appointment availability removes traditional barriers to care like a 9-5 work schedule, provider availability, childcare, or transportation.


High Clinical Impact
Members self reported improvement with Sibly. With a preventive approach to mental health, Sibly is able to significantly lower mental healthcare costs for employers through the cost avoidance of decreased therapy.


Benefits Optimization
Follow through on referrals to resources and benefits. Science-backed motivational interviewing techniques and AI equip Sibly coaches to more fully understand the context of the member’s situation and make quality benefit or resource recommendations to support the member.

Find out how Sibly partners with HR and benefits teams.

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