Sibly. Someone to talk to™. 

A singular coaching relationship that

helps employees navigate life’s challenges while engaging with resources that best meet their personal needs

Why Now


Why Now

People are stressed more than ever and isolation is taking its toll at home and at work 

Why Sibly


Science-Based Approach

Persistent, single relationship, 24x7
Confidential, compassionate human coaches 

Proprietary training & quality system
Proven tools and techniques 

Integration with your benefits ecosystem
Drives more effective engagement 



Mood improvement


What employees tell us 

Less Lonely


Benefits engagement 


Innovation in workplace benefits 

The coaches here are stellar, listening actively and responding perfectly to each individual situation and message, while also providing excellent prompts and questions to really help you identify the core issue. Needless to say, I am so glad my employer utilizes and provides/supports a service like this. This is a life changer.

Let Sibly help your employees

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