Hey Sarah, what steps are you taking to pursue your goals today?



Sibly. Someone to talk to™ 

A singular relationship that supports all aspects of employee mental health and wellbeing by helping employees navigate life’s challenges and engage in the resources that meet their needs.

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Hi Sibly! I am following my plan.

I organized my week and scheduled in time to exercise. Feeling great!



of people are lonely

(According to Cigna)

Because everyone needs someone to talk to

Employees are lonely, isolated, and need support with their mental health and wellbeing now more than ever.

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Empathetic coaching 24x7

Sibly delivers confidential, science-based coaching, backed by a high fidelity system, whenever your employees need someone to talk to.

Sibly brings empathy

to your workplace


Sibly makes a difference in people’s lives







of members report improvement in their overall distress after joining Sibly.

of members say that Sibly helped them feel less lonely.

more benefit engagement achieved through Sibly coaching, compared to employees seeking benefits info by itself.

Innovation in workplace benefits

The coaches here are stellar, listening actively and responding perfectly to each individual situation and message, while also providing excellent prompts and questions to really help you identify the core issue. Needless to say, I am so glad my employer utilizes and provides/supports a service like this. This is a life changer.


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