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Scheduled Maintenance Updates

Updated: July 23, 2021

On July 21, 2021, the Sibly app was temporarily unavailable from 5pm-11pm PDT for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance was completed successfully. If you're having issues after the maintenance was completed, please follow these instructions:


If you have completed the app's onboarding & received your 1st Sibly message prior to the scheduled maintenance on July 21, follow these steps to access your account again:

1- Open the Sibly App and if provided, follow directions to update the mobile app from the App Store or Play Store.

  • If you do not see directions when opening the app and the app does not work, look for an app update on the AppStore or Playstore.

2- You should be logged in to your existing account!

If you have registered an account, but your app onboarding is incomplete prior to the maintenance period on July 21, you will have to re-register your account by following these steps:

1- Wait for the 4-6 hour maintenance period to be complete.

2- Delete the Sibly App & redownload it, and make sure it's version 4.0.0. Otherwise, try again in a few hours.

3- Create a new account (and you can use the same email address you used before).

If you are having trouble with updating the app to version 4.0.0 or using the app:
1- Try updating every few hours directly from the AppStore or Playstore. If you still have trouble, most situations will be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the Sibly app.
2- For any questions, or issues that you need help with regarding access to your account, please contact support at

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