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Resilience: Coaching helps you overcome obstacles


Some people seem to move seamlessly through personal setbacks and adversity that simply flattens others.

Why? Varying degrees of emotional resilience, the thoughts and behaviors that guide how we respond and adapt to adversity and stress.

We can build emotional resilience – it’s a mental muscle that gets stronger when we deliberately exercise it.

Helping you overcome obstacles and strengthen resilience is another core benefit of coaching, one that helps everyone, regardless of your personal situation.

Coaches can work with you to identify your own personal self-care plan, rooting those strategies in science-based techniques.

The need to rebuild emotional reserves happens to even the emotionally strongest people. That was the situation for Maria, regarded by all who knew her as a strong woman who rolled with the punches. For years, she had skillfully combined a demanding job with raising a family. Her equilibrium crashed, though, under the repeated and sustained challenges of the pandemic.

She first turned to her coach for some much-needed social support, on a confidential basis.

Studies show social support helps strengthen your coping skills, yet high-achievers, like Maria, can be reluctant to tell their friends and family they need help.

Then, she and her coach worked on a strategy to restore resilience: Maria began regularly taking some time away from her family, even as she sometimes felt guilty doing so. She got up earlier in the mornings for a bit of quiet reading, and began walking by herself after dinner every night. She re-set boundaries at the office that had become blurred in the early days of working-from-home, so she and her family could count on some reliable “mom” time every weekend.

Slowly, with the help of her coach, Maria returned to the resilient mom and manager she had once been.

Increased resilience improves your adaptability in stressful times, gives you greater control over your reactions and enables you to more comfortably support your loved ones during distress.

Coaching improves resilience – and that improves the rest of your life. See our related blog post to read about more benefits of coaching.

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Maria is an illustrative example only, representative of Sibly coaching experiences. Actual Sibly coaching remains confidential and anonymous.


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