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Perspective: Coaching helps you see clearly


Life is a vast canvas painted with experiences, emotions and interactions. What adds depth, color and meaning to this canvas is the perspective through which we view the world. Our perspective is more than just a point of view; it's a lens that shapes our understanding, influences our decisions and molds our reality.

And when emotions run high, our perspective can narrow until all we can feel is our own distress.

When that happens, we stop being able to see problems from other angles. We may be unable to see our own role in the current difficulty. We lose our empathy. We respond impulsively and self-defensively, making tough situations worse.

Understanding Perspective

At its core, perspective is the mental framework through which we interpret and make sense of the world around us. It's the culmination of our experiences, beliefs, cultural influences and emotional states. This is how multiple people can witness the same event and still describe it differently. Just as a photographer changes lenses to capture different aspects of a scene, with practice we can adjust our perspective to gain new insights and understandings.

The Role of Perspective in Personal Growth

Good coaching helps us see clearly.

A coach will help you evaluate situations clearly, asking questions and offering objective third-party observations while helping you connect with your values. Skillful conversation can help you to take a step back and consider the bigger picture while imagining different options and explanations.

"... it’s been helpful to chat through these feelings. It is helping me to redirect my thoughts from being inward and negative, to considering what the actual reality of the situation is, and if there is something I can do to take action." Sibly member, Feb. 2023

Coaching can help you widen your perspective to solve problems, act constructively in accordance with your values, and help you discover new insights.

Overcoming Conflict and Misunderstanding

Conflict often arises from differing perspectives and interpretations. Coaching can help us to recognize that multiple viewpoints exist and look at disagreements from another person’s point of view, moving away from proving a point to solving the problem. Willingness to see things from various angles can diffuse tensions, lead to more effective problem-solving and create space for constructive conversations and collaboration.


Coaching is a valuable tool in helping us embrace new perspectives, a cornerstone of personal growth. When we open ourselves to different ways of thinking, we are able to challenge our existing notions and expand our intellectual and emotional horizons. Stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring unfamiliar perspectives can lead to increased empathy, adaptability and resilience. It encourages us to question our assumptions, break down mental barriers and foster a growth mindset. As we embrace diverse viewpoints and engage in conversations that celebrate our shared humanity, we pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future.


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