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Motivation: Coaching helps you find the inspiration you need to take action


Motivation is the key that powers all behavior change, yet it’s a key that can be hard to find and easy to lose. With coaching, you zero in on what really matters, so you can find the inspiration you need to take action on important goals.

Partnering with a coach to align your goals and values can help you find your own motivation for making change and sustaining it. Consider a woman whose doctor tells her to lose weight because she is jeopardizing her health. Coaching helps her see how losing weight fits with the high value she places on spending time with her family. Playing backyard games with her kids, tapped into her value around being a good mom and maintained her motivation far more than following her doctor’s exhortations about health.

Being able to see actions in the context of our personal values helps us feel more purposeful and increases our chances of success. (Even tasks we dread become easier to handle when we see how they connect to something else we truly value.)

Consider Jordan – growing up, his tendency to explode in angry bursts had been overlooked by friends and family as “that’s just Jordan.” Even at work, this pattern only became an issue when he went to work for a company which prided itself on its collaborative culture. With a bigger team to manage and higher quotas to meet, Jordan started reacting to the pressure by, once again, losing his temper.

Exploring personal values with his coach, he realized how important it was to him to provide financially for his extended family. He became motivated to change when he realized how much his temper was going to hold him back professionally and financially, even when it wasn’t causing problems at home.

Connecting our goals to the things that matter most helps keep us focused and moving in towards a life is more meaningful. An empathetic coach provides encouragement and helps to evoke motivation collaboratively to be successful.

Coaching helps us find the motivation we need to tackle the goals that matter most. See our related blog post to read about more benefits of coaching.

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Jordan is an illustrative example only, representative of Sibly coaching experiences. Actual Sibly coaching remains confidential and anonymous.


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