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Guidance: Coaching helps you navigate your journey


Say “coach” and what comes to mind? For many of us, it’s sports – a field where coaches have been integral to success since the very earliest days of athletic competitions in early Greece.

The best sports coaches know how to encourage physical achievement and mental motivation. They provide athletes with skills and strategies to reach their highest performance.

Good mental health coaches sit at your side, sharing expertise and insight but never taking control of the steering wheel. They’re like a good tour guide – they know the best places to go, listen to what’s important to you and help you plan your journey.

That’s because coaches know – and research proves – that the most powerful and lasting transformations happen when people drive their own change.

I feel much better and clearer about all of this.... it was really helpful to lay it all out and be redirected and asked questions to help untangle it. - Sibly Member, Jan. 2022

Good coaches skillfully apply effective techniques based on behavior science, such as

Coaches also share practical evidence-based resources like exercises, worksheets, activity trackers and other tools to help people make change happen.

Throughout, coaches listen carefully, make suggestions and help the person make their own choices about how they want to pursue change. That doesn’t mean that a coach never offers expertise, makes suggestions or shares ideas. They do, when both the member and coach agree it may be a helpful part of your change plan.

Good coaching guides your journey and empowers you to get where you want to go. See our related blog post to read about more benefits of coaching.

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