Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sibly?

Sibly is a workplace benefit, dedicated to helping everyone improve their mental health and cope with life’s daily challenges. Through Sibly’s secure app, you text back and forth with a trained coach who will listen, ask questions and help you connect to what matters most. These are live chat conversations with real human beings (not chatbots!).

What can I text Sibly about?

Text Sibly anytime you need help:

  • With emotions - stress, anxiety, worries, burnout, conflict, low mood, uncertainty, emotions, or any issue causing you or a family member emotional distress
  • Getting organized to reach goals - starting new habits, ending bad habits, setting goals, procrastination, tracking progress and more
  • Through life events - personal changes, relationship issues, work challenges, loss, moves, job worries and more

How does Sibly work?

You download the Sibly app and use the access code provided by your employer. Sibly is a confidential and secure platform for your coaching conversations. Through the app you’ll text back and forth with coaches trained to listen, ask questions, suggestion options and motivate you.

Is Sibly confidential?

Yes. Sibly is entirely private and confidential. Individual details are not shared with your employer, including managers, HR or anyone else.

Who are the Sibly coaches?

A team of trained individuals, drawn from a variety of fields and backgrounds, including other helping professions. They must successfully complete our rigorous qualifying training process and demonstrate skill achievement before being accepted onto the coaching team.

What are the coaches’ credentials?

Coaching candidates all have a college or graduate-level degree and undergo an initial screening process for skills and fit. Once accepted into the program, candidates are immersed into our rigorous qualifying process that includes 240 hours of proprietary training, developed and maintained to reflect the latest in empirically validated tools and techniques. Only those who complete the program and demonstrate their competence become qualified as a Sibly coach. Once qualified, all coaches participate in ongoing training and quality processes, including 24x7 clinician oversight and regular professional development.

What type of help can I expect to receive?

Sibly coaches are always on, 24x7. They are trained to listen, ask questions and help you build healthy coping strategies through active listening, goal-setting and regular check-ins. Depending on the situation, coaches may provide worksheets, suggest exercises and offer other tools for your use between chat sessions. Sibly coaches also have 24x7 access to other professional resources, including information about other workplace benefits offered by your employer that may be helpful in the situation you are facing.

How does Sibly approach “mental health”?

At Sibly, we know mental health is, quite simply, the way we experience the world. We all have “mental health,” just as we all have physical health. An individual’s mental health is affected by every aspect of that person’s life, including their work, important events and key relationships. Sibly is

Do family members share the same Sibly account?

No. Individuals set up their own private and personal Member accounts, with no sharing between accounts in any way. Regardless of how many family members may be using Sibly, they only ever have access to their own coaching conversations.

Will I need training to use Sibly?

Not at all. If you know how to text, you know how to use Sibly.

Can I talk to a coach on the phone, by Facetime or through another video platform?

Not at this time. Sibly’s mobile app is a text-only platform. This ensures privacy and anonymity for our Members. It also provides you with an archive of all your coaching interactions, so you can track progress and refer back to key points from earlier conversations. Sibly’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Is Sibly considered a therapeutic counseling service?

No. Sibly is a coaching service, designed to help people use their strengths and build new coping skills to help improve their mental health. It is not a therapeutic counseling service or “teletherapy.”

Does Sibly’s expertise extend beyond science-based dialogue techniques?

Yes. Sibly coaches draw on a wide range of tools and resources to support you. Coaches may suggest exercises to try, share written resources, or provide other suggestions for your consideration. Depending on the issue, they may recommend resources, such as company-provided benefits, community resources or government programs. The focus is always on working with you to identify the support that best meets your needs.

Will Sibly tell me what I should do?

Sibly will guide you to a plan that works for you. Coaches will listen, ask questions, make suggestions and give advice as appropriate.

Is Sibly an AI-powered chatbot?

No, Sibly people are real humans – specially trained to help other humans whenever they need someone to talk to.

Does Sibly offer coaching in languages other than English?

Not at this time.

Where do I go if I have a technical issue with the app?

In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, please email and the Sibly support desk will help.