Be proactive about your employees' mental wellbeing.


Should you be concerned about your employees' mental wellness?


1 in 5 of employees in the US have

a diagnosable mental illness

69% of employees report that work is a significant source of stress.


4 out of 5 believe their employers should encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Provide Effective and Accessible 24/7 Mental Wellness Coaching for Your Employees

What Do Employees Get?

24/7 Responsive texting with Sibly, a human mental health coach

What Users Think of Sibly

"I've tried many services, all throughout the stress of law school and then even through bar prep -- and I found Sibly most helpful. From asking consistently thoughtful questions, to offering new ways to look at the facts of your life, Sibly felt familiar and comforting to me because it combines responsive, reliable competence with empathy in a kind of emotional Socratic lawyering.  It subtly advocates for helpful belief systems through its insightful questions, or gently finds the loopholes to challenge one's own negative conditioning. Unlike other services, the messaging is uniform, professional, warm, and I never have to worry about receiving any untoward messages, or feeling judgment from the other side. Using Sibly made me feel less negative, gave me a feeling of stability of having someone's emotionally intelligent attention at a moment's notice, and provided me feedback to overcome self-doubt, worry, procrastination, until I began to enjoy both work and doing things in my personal life such as getting fit." - Anonymous Sibly User


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