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Someone to talk to.

Happy Employees
  • 1 in 5 employees in the US has a diagnosable mental illness.

  • Even more experience significant stressors related to work or family life.

Healthy Culture
  • 45% of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness programs encourage them to stay in their job.

  • Provide individual assistance ignored by health plans that give medication only.

Good Business
  • Mental health programs result in 28.4% lower absenteeism.

  • Implementing empirically-based mental health care for employees results in 8% higher productivity.

Sibly is the most responsive and effective mental wellness professional in employees' pockets, 24/7.

Sibly is the most reliable and accessible solution in the market.
Responsive 24/7
Based on Science
Cutting-Edge Technology
Affordable & Cost-Effective
Guaranteed Engagement

 "I never expected to have such attentive care via an app, and especially 24 hours a day. This opens up my options to go into a "session" when my emotions are raw or I need immediate support. I'm kind of in awe of how wonderful and quick-to-answer the coaches are. I'd highly recommend Sibly to anyone." - Sibly User


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