Sibly Introduction Podcast - Sibly Team
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Thank you for reaching out to Sibly. We are glad you are here. People come to Sibly for many different reasons. Sometimes people just want emotional support. They may need someone to talk or help understanding themselves. Other times people come because they are in distress. They may want help solving a problem or staying motivated to reach a goal. Whatever brought you here, we are glad you came. Sibly can be your mental health coach. We provide coaching that is affordable, effective, and available 24/7.


Podcasts are a tool to convey information to our members. We use them to teach both concepts and skills.  We are using this podcast to tell you more about how Sibly works.


Sibly is unique. We are different from face-to-face counseling and other mental health services. First off, Sibly is available to you live, anytime you’d like. Which means you can have a conversation when you’re off of work in the evening or if you need help in the middle of the night. When you reach out, you will get an answer - from a real human being. You don't just get a reply, you get a conversation.


Sibly provides Mental Wellness Coaching. Coaching is different than psychotherapy. We are less focused on the past. We do not provide medical services, make diagnoses, or prescribe medications. We do not create a doctor-patient relationship with you. Instead, we are your team mate. We use empirically based tools to help you achieve your goals and improve your health.


When consumers go to counseling, it is almost impossible for them to know what they are getting and if clinical research informs their treatment.  It isn’t just consumers who face this challenge. Healthcare systems struggle to monitor the quality of the mental health services they provide. Unfortunately, research studies find no correlation between what a provider says they offer and what is observed in their sessions. At Sibly, we use rigorous evaluation methods to make sure we deliver the highest quality coaching services.


Sibly has three main parts:


  • 24/7 Live Coaching

  • Regular Guidance Reports

  • Your Sibly Toolbox


I told you a bit Live Coaching. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. We deepen our sense of who you are and why you are here. It is available to you at your convenience  - in a moment of distress or when you have time to sit down and reflect. Live sessions are supportive and to help us collaborate with you to identify your goals and help you meet them. They help inform your guidance reports, which is the next thing I want to explain.


Periodically, you will receive guidance reports from Sibly. They review your assessment results, your coaching sessions, and focus on the strengths you use to cope with problems. They allow you to make sure that we understand your situation and your concerns.


Next, your report will include Guidance. Your concerns and priorities shape your Guidance. It includes suggested resources designed uniquely for you. Your Guidance report gives you tools to put in your Sibly Toolbox.


You can keep them there, at your fingertips. The toolbox can include podcasts (like this one!), therapeutic exercises, assessments, suggestions, and other helpful resources. While Sibly will make recommendations about what might be useful, you are the ultimate decision maker.


The app is convenient and easy to use. In includes an assistant bot, whose primary function is to help in a friendly and conversational manner.  


We hope this podcast explains the services Sibly provides. Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope that you might find our services helpful. Sign-up to get the full benefit of what Sibly has to offer.