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Black Lives Matter


Sibly fundamentally recognizes that every human experience is inherently different. We show compassion and empathy to our members by trying to see the world through their eyes. In order to be compassionate to Black members of our community, to truly start seeing the world as they might, we need to first understand how power, privilege, and enduring centuries of racial injustice has impacted their experiences. To that end, we will invest the time and resources to build the expertise in Sibly needed to tackle racial injustice both as a service provider and an employer.

Sibly’s purpose is to build a world where everyone has someone to talk to, that helps them navigate life’s challenges. We can’t achieve our purpose without creating a safe space for Black members to share their experiences. That’s why we are putting in place a specialized-training  for our Hero team to be able to have compassionate and helpful conversations on how to cope with the burden that racial injustice bears on a member’s mental health and wellbeing. Those conversations will be supported by a growing library of internal and external resources tailored to meet the health and well-being needs of the Black community, and will be surfaced to a member when helpful to their unique situation.

As an employer, we understand our responsibility to counteract the long-standing injustices and biases against Black employees in America and around the world. Therefore, we are putting in place a diversity, equity, and inclusion program that systematically ensures that our Black employees are heard. It will also include the deliberate recruitment and hiring of diverse candidates across all levels of the organization, and an on-going audit of our company’s processes, policies, and practices to shine a light on any existing issues as well as prevent systematic bias from taking root as the company grows.

We look forward to a future where every life is celebrated with the respect and value that every human deserves. However, as a mentor once told me: “Hope is not a strategy.” Our work is far from done.

Black Lives Matter.  



CEO at Sibly

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